Delta provides individuals, families, and institutions with customized asset management. Using thorough in house research we identify undervalued securities to acquire for client portfolios. We are a registered investment advisor and are solely compensated from the fees paid by our clients. In addition to asset management, we provide custom financial planning for clients.


Typical client has the following attributes:

  • Investable assets of $500,000 or more
  • Willingness to share personal information about their lives and financial goals
  • Inclination to delegate investment decisions to a third party


Many clients come to us for help with:

  • Working out of an overweight equity position
  • A life transition such as retirement, death of a loved one, or inheritance
  • Finding a simpler investment process for their assets


Operational Process

  • Discovery - Initially, and on a regular basis, we will meet with clients to explain our process and discuss their goals.  Discovery meetings provide clients an opportunity to get to know us and for us to get to know them.  The more prepared a client is for a discovery meeting the more effective the meeting will be. 
  • Implementation - At this stage we work to set up accounts, move assets, and determine asset allocation for each account.  Once these items are in place, the portfolio manager will begin to convert the portfolio to the appropriate model.
  • Monitoring - Once an account is fully implemented, the monitoring phase begins.  At this phase the portfolio manager will maintain the account positions and make any changes the Delta Investment Committee might recommend.  As clients’ needs change and evolve this process starts over again from the beginning to ensure that the client’s plan remains relevant.